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iPhone repairs

More and more iPhones are brought to us year by year, and, with the experience this gives us we will hopefully be able to help Your device as well. We ensure the reliability of our precise repairs by providing long-term warranty in most cases, as our goal is Your satisfaction and You sharing that happiness with others.

Common iPhone Problems

We repair most hardware and software malfunctions quickly and reliably,
using original parts. We also provide 12 months of warranty in most cases.

Repedt, törött kijelző

Cracks, shatters

iPhones have a gorgeous and clean look, however they are very much prone to damages.

A second of losing attention, and our precious device is forever changed. The screen cracked or broken, the chassis with small dents, or the whole phone bent. In most cases, these accidents are preventable with a good protective case, but if it had already happened, we are happy to help.

Reliable ability to function is guaranteed through the usage of original replacement parts.

Broken, shattered, bent

Beázás, vízbe ejtés

Liquid damages

After gravity, the second most menacing enemy of iPhones are liquids.

Small liquids leaking into an iPhone can cause shorts and start oxidising the circuits of the motherboard. They will also destroy wires and connectors inside the device. At first, You might assume that the phone survived the bath, but the later you bring the phone to us, the harsher the damages will get.

it's important to take the phone to us right away after the accident, so we can clean it thoroughly.

First aid in case of a leak

Gyenge akkumulátor

Weak battery

Batteries of iPhones lose capacity every single time they are drained and recharged.

Usage and charging patterns have heavy influence on the expected lifetime of a battery, but in general, 2-3 years of use (7-800 charging cycles) puts them in a state where they need to be replaced.

We always have replacement batteries for the most commonly used devices, therefore we can replace used ones quickly.

My phone doesn't last as long as it did before

Halk vagy recsegő hangszóró

Quiet, distorted speakers

If you have trouble hearing people during calls, we are happy to examine the cause of the issue.

A stiff grille protects the speakers from dirt. At first, a dry toothbrush might help, but only thorough cleaning and blowing it from the other side gets rid of things stuck.

From time to time, the speaker module itself can also fail, the replacement of which doesn't pose a problem either.

Difficult calls

Gyenge mikrofon

Failing microphone

Not only can the speaker fail, but so can the microphone.

If others can't hear you over calls, most of the time, the root of the problem is in the microphone holes accumulating debris. Don't blow into it, however, as that might destroy the microphone as a whole. Disassembling the device and blowing the dust, dirt out from the inside is the way to resolve the issue.

Seldom is the reason of the microphone failing the amplifier chip on the motherboard.

Make my voice heard again

Home-gomb hiba

Home button / Touch ID failure

If you have to press the Home button very hard to quit applications, or the button becomes completely senseless, perhaps dirt and dust is causing issues in the trigger mechanism of the button.

If Touch ID doesn't recognise your fingerprints, taking the phone to us is still recommended.

Contact us

Térerő problémák, hívásmegszakadás

Disconnecting calls

There are many explanations to iPhones dropping calls. First we examine the interior and the antennae. Then we use test calls to see how well the phone functions.

The root of the problem for calls disconnecting can also be found in a faulty SIM-card, therefore we recommend You try the device out with another SIM card as well, if possible.

Examine my device, please

Töltési problémák

Issues with charging

Dust and small particles can accumulate in the Lightning connector over time, causing charging to become increasingly difficult. We can clean your the connector quickly and easily if you bring the device to us, so you can stop fiddling around with the cable to get your phone charging.

If your phone stops playing audio, or music in general, it might be due to the accumulated dust in the Lightning connector making your phone believe that it is actually connected to an accessory, when in reality, it isn't.

I'm having trouble charging

Hibás kamera

Blurry photos

The camera in your phone might have problems, issues that stem in a faulty camera module. To issues like these, we offer the replacement of the camera module.

The operation is done without any marks left in the device, with an original replacement part, therefore your warranty is still valid if there aren't any other damages on your device.

If the camera cover is shattered or broken, bring the phone to us and we can replace it for you.

My camera isn't as good as it used to be

* Every failure, each and every repair workflow is unique, therefore the actual time taken for these repairs can differ on a case by case basis.

HDD + SSD-bővítés

Software optimisation

iOS, the operating system of iPhones and iPads has a lot of features aimed to make Your life easier, in some cases however, these features can reduce the performance of your battery.

There are many settings and preferences which you can tweak to improve the performance of Your device.

I'm interested in my choices

Apple iPhone védófólia

Protection against scratches

If you would like to preserve the beauty of your newly purchased iPhone, we advise you to have a protector installed.

We started manufacturing screen covers made out of special 3M plastic, which bode well with the curves of your phone, will protect it against scratches and provide a good, firm grip. An enormous amount of routine is required to install these covers, therefore dust and bubble-free installation is included in the price.

The device cover is hard to notice when installed on the device, however, it will protect it against those pesky pocket scratches.

Cover my phone

HDD + SSD-bővítés

iPhone accessories

We retail iPhones, iPads, Macs, and many Apple-related accessories.

The products You find on our shelves are tried and tested by us. If you happen to have any questions about them, we are ready to provide responses. We are open and ready to help You choose the accessories that fit Your needs.

It is important to remember that we do not only have an online presence, therefore You can hold the accessories in your hands before committing to purchasing any one of them.

Products, accessories

Original Replacement Parts + Precise work = Reliable functioning.

Due to our vision, we always look for the solution that meets two requirements: Your device has to function reliably well after we have repaired it, and the cost of the repair should not be too high either.

As an independent repair shop, we aren't bogged down by rules imposed by Apple. If an issue can be resolved by replacing a smaller part, we won't recommend replacing the entire device.

According to our previous experience, it is much better for both You and Us if the repair takes a little bit longer, yielding a repair of better quality instead of choosing the quickest option that might work short-term.

As a consequence to this, we only use original replacement parts, and we take our time with repairs, however we take the promised timeframe seriously. We will only recommend repairs that we think make sense. Our goal is that you never come back twice with the same issue.

Report an issue

Our e-mail accounts are under constant surveillance, therefore we can respond to any and all inquiries quickly.

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1126 Budapest, Tartsay Vilmos utca 26.

Monday to Friday: 9 until 19,
Saturday 10 until 14

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